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S2697 A-769662 A-769662は0.8μMのEC50による強力な、可逆的なAMPを起動するプロテインキナーゼ(AMPK)活性剤で、3.2μMでIC50で脂肪酸合成を禁止します。
S1802 AICAR (Acadesine) AICAR (Acadesine)の蓄積のアカデシン結果(それはAMPの両方の活性化効果を模倣します) AMPKとAMPKKの上で。
S7306 Dorsomorphin 2HCl Dorsomorphin 2HCl is a potent, reversible, selective AMPK inhibitor with Ki of 109 nM, exhibiting no significant inhibition of several structurally related kinases including ZAPK, SYK, PKCθ, PKA, and JAK3.
S2542 Phenformin HCl Phenformin HCl is a hydrochloride salt of phenformin that is an anti-diabetic drug from the biguanide class.
S7317 WZ4003 WZ4003 is a highly specific NUAK kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 20 nM and 100 nM for NUAK1 and NUAK2, respectively, without significant inhibition on 139 other kinases.
S7898 GSK621 GSK621は1種、特異性があって、有効なAMPK活性剤です。
S7318 HTH-01-015 HTH-01-015 is a potent and selective NUAK1 inhibitor with IC50 of 100 nM, >100-fold selectivity over NUAK2.
S7840 Dorsomorphin (Compound C, BML-275)